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Slick 50 F.A.Q

Through the years we get a lot of questions about the use of Slick 50 ® products.
We use this page to publish them with answers..

  • How often shouls an engine be treated with a Slick 50 ® Engine Treatment?
    Slick 50 ® Engine Treatment can be used at every oil change, but should be used at least every 12,000 miles for optimal results.
  • Can Slick 50 ® Engine Treatments be used with synthetic oils?
    Yes, Slick 50 ® Engine Treatments are compatible with synthetic, semisynthetic and mineral oils.
  • Can Slick 50 ® Engine Treatments be usede in marine engines?
    Yes, but only for 4 cycle engines (not for 2 cycle engines). Treat engine annually or with every oil change (optional).
  • Will Slick 50 ® Engine Treatment(s) make the engine indestructable to thermal breakdown?
    No, Slick 50 ® Engine Treatments are designed to protect against friction and heat. They cannot be used to repair parts that are at the failing point or any pre-existing problems.
  • After a Slick 50 ® Engine Treatment is installed do I still need to change my oil according to the manufacturer's specifications?
    Yes, Slick 50 ® Engine Treatments are not a replacement for regular scheduled maintenance.
  • How can the Slick 50 ® Fuel System Treatments help my vehicle?
    Fuel systems build up deposits rapidly, often within several thousand miles. Slick 50 ® Fuel System Treatments are designed to treat the entire fuel system. The unique formula will clean direct and indirect fuel injectors, cylinder heads, combustion chamber, piston tops, intake valves and intake ports. 
  • Will the Slick 50 ® Fuel System Treatments harm the oxygen sensors in the vehicle?
    No, Slick 50 ® Fuel System Treatments are compatible with all oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. 
  • Can Slick 50 ® Fuel System Treatments be used in marine applications?
    Yes, Slick 50 ® Fuel System Treatments can be used in marine applications using 4 cycle engines.  It is usually beneficial after each 50 hours of engine use.  In 2-cycle engines treat the gasoline at the recommended ratio, scaling down for small tanks of fuel.  Add 2-cycle oil at the recommended treat rate.  Slick 50 ® Fuel System Treatments do not replace the required 2-cycle oil.
  • Can Slick 50 ® Engine Treatment block my oil filter?
    No, definately not. Slick 50 ® Engine Treatment uses a special type of teflon micro powder made exclusively by DuPont for Slick 50 ®. The PTFE particles are a hundred times smaller that a bacteria, which is less than 1 micron. The pores in an oil filter are about 25 micron which makes the PTFE particels pass as easy as throwing a tennis ball through an open garage door.
  • Can Slick 50 ® Engine Treatments be used in diesel engines?
    Yes, but they are not recommended for heavy industrial engines.
  • Will Slick 50 ® Automatic Transmission High Milage Treatment make the gears in my automatic gearbox slip?
    No, Slick 50 ® Automatic Transmission High Milage Treatment is formulated to stop and prevent leakage, elimiante shudder and to restore ATF additives and viscosity.
  • Can Slick 50 ® Manual Gearbox Treatment be used in all differentials?
    No. Slick 50 ® Manual Gearbox Treatment can not be used in differentials that are equipped with differential brakes.
  • Can Slick 50 ® Manual Gearbox Treatment be used for marine engine transmissions?
    Yes, Slick 50 ® Manual Gearbox Treatment can be used i all marine engine transmissions.

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