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Airbag Hub BMW E31

Airbag Hub BMW E31
Airbag Hub BMW E31
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High quality handmade hub for steering wheels made by Volanti Luisi, Italy.
The hub is made of aluminium alloy and is equipped with double bolt patterns.
This hub has a collapsible zone that collapses and absorbs force in case of impact.

Bolt patterns:
Ø74 PCD fits Luisi, Raid, Tazio, Nardi, Personal etc.
Ø70 PCD fits Momo, Sparco, OMP etc.
(PCD = Pitch circle diameter)

This hub is for cars WITH airbag originally mounted in steering wheel.

The hub is delivered including screws, adaptor plate for hornbutton and one airbag resistor.

NOTE! Horn button NOT included!
If the vehicle is equipped with a two-stage airbag, additional resistor is needed!
Contact cartridge must be moved from original steering wheel to hub.

Fits the following car models:

Serie 8 E31   from -89 up to -99

Shaft Diameter 21,5 mm
No. of splines 66
Grip length 21 mm
Total Length 86 mm
Distance to Dashboard 67 mm
Depth to bolt/nut 64 mm
Coned No
Cover Diameter 129 mm
Contact Ring Yes
Contact Pin No
Collapsable Zone Yes

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