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Alignment Stand

Alignment Stand
Alignment Stand
7 - 14 days
Alignment Stand
Alignment Stand
Alignment Stand
Ex Tax: 4,993kr
  • Stock: 7 - 14 days
  • Model: DX-AS
  • Weight: 13.60kg

Alignment Stands are a replacement for heavy metal wheel alignment stands. 
The Alignment Stand is used usually with a two or four post lift system. The vehicle is raised on the lift; the Alignment Stands are positioned under each tyre with a turntable on top of each stand. Then the vehicle is lowered onto the stands ready for alignment.

Our Alignment Stands have a large footprint to make them stable and secure (45cm by 58cm). The beauty of our Alignment Stands, is that you can use them for other applications, such as car show displays. They incorporate our “No-slip” RaceRamps technology so will never move and so wont mark or damage your floor.

Each purchase consists of a pair of stands.

Product Product 
Weight Centimetres
(kg) / pce Length Width Height

Alignment Stand

DX-AS  6,8 60 46 41

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