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Model: TCH5 Brand: Truecam
TrueCam DashCam H5 The dash cam that only you know about Are you looking for a reliable black box for your car? The TrueCam H5 is the smallest dashcam we've ever produced. Despite its size, it’s still packed full of features that will help protect your vehicle both on the road and in the car p..
Ex Tax:1,100kr
Model: TCH5-GPS Brand: Truecam
TrueCam DashCam H5 GPS module Additional functionality to your H5 Dash Cam If you want to enhance your recordings with additional data such as geotagging or vehicle speed, you can purchase a GPS receiver for your camera. Drive speeds can be stamped on the footage so as to avoid any speculation..
Ex Tax:300kr
Model: TCM5 Brand: Truecam
Truecam M5 GPS WiFi Fastest installation on the market Thanks to the magnetic holder, the TrueCam M5 GPS WiFi is ready in seconds. In addition, a special new lock anchors the camera even tighter and more securely. We’ve also equipped the lens with a magnet for faster snapping on of the additio..
Ex Tax:1,196kr
Model: TCM7 Brand: Truecam
Truecam M7 Dual GPS WiFi Eyes in front and back The TrueCam M7 GPS Dual magnetic dashcam is our best yet and makes dealing with issues you encounter on the road easier. The front Full HD camera keeps track of what is going on in front of your vehicle, whilst the rear HD camera guards your rear..
Ex Tax:1,340kr
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