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C60 Micro Lube Trigger Spray 300ml

C60 Micro Lube Trigger Spray

C60 Micro Lube Trigger Spray is a unique all purpose industrial strength penetrating spray lubricant blended with our EXTRALUBE ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment to outperform all known spray lubes. C60 Micro Lube Trigger Spray reduces friction by penetrating metal surfaces, smoothing and sealing micro pores.

Designed for use in any environment including, high temperatures, offshore, domestic use around the house, car, motorcycle, boat, garden and machinery. It most definitely is the “Engineers Friend”.

Available in 300ml Trigger Spray bottle

How to use C60 Micro Lube

C60 Trigger Spray is a precise molecular structure of components reinforced with Extralube ZX1 to produce an all purpose industrial strength lubricant which as tremendous penetrating and lubricating properties.

C60 Trigger Spray dramatically reduces friction by penetrating metal surfaces, smoothing and sealing micro-pores out performing all know spray lubes.

Use to loosen rusted parts, even those where a hacksaw appears to be the last resort.

Frees Jammed mechanisms, displaces moisture.

Can be used to lubricate Go Kart bearings. To reduce drag from Grease.

Prolong the life of
Garden Tools
Farm Machinery
Industrial conveyor belts
Industrial Equipment
Marine Engines to keep out moisture
Squeaky Hinges

Any where that a spray lubricant is required.

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