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Car Ramp Cut Out

Car Ramp Cut Out
Car Ramp Cut Out
7 - 14 days
Car Ramp Cut Out
Car Ramp Cut Out
Car Ramp Cut Out
Ex Tax: 1,972kr
  • Stock: 7 - 14 days
  • Model: DX-CAR-CO
  • Weight: 4.20kg
  • SKU: RR-RACK-4

Car Ramps enable you to get low ground clearance cars onto the service platform or lift without damaging the front end. 
Their textured surface prevents slipping, they are lightweight, and they come complete with a carrying handle for easy transport and storage.

There are two styles of Car Ramps. 
The Car Ramp Cut Out are for a lift that has the ramps permanently attached. They have a notch in them to accommodate the existing ramp and decrease the angle of approach by making the slope longer. 
Car Ramp Flip Over are designed for a lift that has removable ramps. They have a lip that bridges over the operating rods or cables that run in front of the steel beam.

Each purchase consists of a pair of ramps.

Rack Ramps Product code Weight  Centimetres Angle
(kg)/pce Length Width Height
Car Ramp Cut Out DX-CAR-CO 4,5 70 36 10 8,8°

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