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Heavy Duty Ramp S

Heavy Duty Ramp S
Heavy Duty Ramp S
7 - 14 days
Heavy Duty Ramp S
Heavy Duty Ramp S
Heavy Duty Ramp S
Ex Tax: 3,584kr
  • Stock: 7 - 14 days
  • Model: DX-HD-S
  • Weight: 12.00kg
  • SKU: RR-TT-5-10

RaceRamps Europe focuses on safety and professional appearance with RaceRamps Trailer Ramps.
The ramps are designed to safetly get low ground clearance vehicles on and off flatbed tow trucks, and are a convenient and easy to use alternative to wooden planks and other unsafe methods of reducing ramp angle.

Simply place the trailer door on the notch of these specially designed Trailer Ramps and decrease your angle of approach to as little as 4 degrees.
These hassle-free, lightweight ramps can carry cars weighing up to 4.5 tonnes.
Trailer Ramps are ideal for low ground clearance cars with extra wide tires. The ramps come with built-in straps to allow easy transport and storage and can even be hung on the trailer wall.

Each purchase consists of a pair of ramps.

Tow Truck Extension Ramps Product
Angle Weight
    Length Width Height
Heavy Duty Ramp Small DX-HD-S 6,0 170 25 13
Heavy Duty Ramp Medium DX-HD-M 7,7 170 36 13

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