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LAMAX Beat Street ST-1

LAMAX Beat Street ST-1
LAMAX Beat Street ST-1
LAMAX Beat Street ST-1
7 - 14 days
LAMAX Beat Street ST-1
LAMAX Beat Street ST-1
LAMAX Beat Street ST-1
LAMAX Beat Street ST-1
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Wireless speaker with high-quality stereo sound and multiple inputs.
Play music via Bluetooth, audio cable, from a microSD card or USB or from the embedded FM radio with digital tuner and last station memory.

Pack contents

  • Speaker
  • 3.5mm jack audio cable
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Operating Instructions

Perfect mix

The Street ST-1 wireless speaker is the perfect combination of the latest technology and a traditional look. Under a modestly designed exterior lies a plethora of features that make the Street a true all-rounder.

Smart speaker

The Street ST-1, thanks to Bluetooth 2.1 technology, allows wireless music playback from any mobile phone, tablet or laptop with a 15-metre radius. Connecting your phone will enable the integrated microphone and hands-free speakerphone function, allowing you to smoothly shift between music listening and taking a call without having to reach for the phone in your pocket.



Outdoor party in your pocket

The speaker, given its size, will surprise you with its high-quality audio and power. This power combined with a eight-hour battery life make the Street ST-1 ideal for outdoor parties, trips to the countryside or a picnic. Have fun with your friends and share your favourite songs which you will always have with you on your mobile device.

Multiple inputs

In addition to wireless connectivity the Street can also play music from a variety of other sources. As well as a standard audio input, using the included audio cable, there is a microSD card slot and a USB port allowing you to connect any flash drive filled with your favourite music. Naturally there is also an FM radio with a digital tuner.



Bluetooth and hands-free

Play music wirelessly at long distances or use the speaker as a hands-free speakerphone.

FM radio with digital tuner

Speaker automatically tunes to all available stations and you can then freely switch between them. The stations are stored as presets in the speaker memory.

Integrated MP3 player

Simply insert a microSD card containing music and the speaker becomes a standalone MP3 player.


Speakers are easily paired with your phone, tablet, laptop or music player.

Connects also with older phones

Street ST-1 is fully compatible with older devices.

Controls directly on the speaker

To change volume, switch tracks or take a call, you do not have to reach for your phone or tablet. You can control all the basic functions directly on the speaker.

Last track and station memory

After switching the speaker off and on again, it will remember your last played song or favourite radio station.

Power bank function

Has your phone died? Attach it to the speaker via a USB cable and you are good to go.

Dual speakers

Two powerful stereo speakers provide audio of high enough quality for sitting outdoors or for a small celebration with friends.

Technical specifications

Wireless technology Bluetooth 2.1 enables pairing with older devices
Speaker power 10 W
Playback time Up to 8 hours
Max. pairing distance Up to 15 metres
Speaker modes Bluetooth speaker, digital FM radio, MP3 player, hands-free devices
Playback options Bluetooth, audio cable, microSD card, USB
Digital FM radio Automatically finds and stores available stations
MP3 Player Plays MP3, WAV, WMA. Remembers last track played.
Hands-free Integrated speaker and microphone. Control hands-free with buttons on the speaker.
Speaker function buttons Mode change, volume control, switch tracks / stations, station search, hands-free controls
Speaker functions Last track and station memory, headphone connection
Dimensions 180 x 65 x 71 mm
Weight 380 g

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