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Truecam M7 Dual GPS WiFi

Truecam M7 Dual GPS WiFi
Truecam M7 Dual GPS WiFi
Truecam M7 Dual GPS WiFi
Truecam M7 Dual GPS WiFi
Truecam M7 Dual GPS WiFi
Truecam M7 Dual GPS WiFi
Truecam M7 Dual GPS WiFi
Truecam M7 Dual GPS WiFi
Truecam M7 Dual GPS WiFi
Truecam M7 Dual GPS WiFi
Truecam M7 Dual GPS WiFi
Truecam M7 Dual GPS WiFi
Truecam M7 Dual GPS WiFi
Truecam M7 Dual GPS WiFi
Truecam M7 Dual GPS WiFi
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  • Model: TCM7
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Truecam M7 Dual GPS WiFi

Eyes in front and back

The TrueCam M7 GPS Dual magnetic dashcam is our best yet and makes dealing with issues you encounter on the road easier. The front Full HD camera keeps track of what is going on in front of your vehicle, whilst the rear HD camera guards your rear bumper. Thanks to the magnetic holder, snapping the camera in place takes just a second. Plus, with GPS and a speed camera database covering 36 countries, you can easily avoid fines.

Key Functions

  • Double cameras - double protection
  • G-sensor - protects even when parked
  • WDR - wide dynamic range
  • Speed camera warning
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • Speedometer
  • Nightvision
  • 150° wide angle
  • CPL filter as option
  • Speed and coordinates directly in video
  • 2" LCD display

Ready before you buckle up

For the TrueCam M5 Wi-Fi, we used a revolutionary magnetic mount for the fastest possible setup, and we’ve used it with the M7 as well. Expect ease-of-use and maximum protection in the form of a locking mechanism, additional to the magnet, that holds the camera firmly in place on even the most damaged roads. This latest dashcam also comes equipped with a magnetic GPS module and lens surround. This makes it simple to attach a magnetic polarizing CPL filter that removes unwanted reflections on the windscreen..

Two cameras = double protection

The TrueCam M7 keep watch over not only the front, but also the back. An adjustable HD rear camera comes included. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to document all the events in front and behind your car. It can also be placed on the windscreen and pointed back inside the car. This makes it easy to shoot what's happening in the vehicle - ideal for taxi drivers.

High-quality night shots

Most dashcams can shoot good footage during the day but fail in low-light conditions. The lens and optical sensor of the TrueCam M7 automatically adjust in low-light and darkness to capture clear video that can be used as evidence in the event of an accident. WDR further helps when exiting a tunnel or encountering an oncoming vehicle.

Easy control via WiFi and smartphone

Our car camera has built-in WiFi, making transferring recordings and adjusting settings a breeze. You can do everything wirelessly with a few clicks from your smartphone using our application.

Perfect size on the windscreen

The TrueCam M5 GPS WiFi will never block your view but it still has a perfectly legible 2″ display with a wide viewing angle. This makes it easy to view the latest recording or adjust the settings. Thanks to its matte black colour, the camera is inconspicuous and barely noticeable to passers-by.

Much longer lifespan

Our car camera uses a supercapacitor instead of a traditional battery. It handles temperature changes much better, is more reliable, safer and lasts many times longer. To operate, it needs to be constantly powered but this is standard for dashcams.

Pack contents

  • Truecam M7 WiFi GPS Dual Dashcam
  • Inside rear camera
  • Magnetic GPS module
  • Magnetic 3M holder
  • Adapter with 2x USB
  • Micro USB power cable
  • Rear camera connection cable
  • Micro SD/USB adapter
  • Replacement 3M adhesive pads (2pcs)
  • 5st 3M cable clips
  • Protective cover
  • Tool for hiding cables
  • USB cable to update the GPS module
Video Resolution 1920×1080/30fps 16:9 1280×720/60fps 16:9 1280×720/30fps 16:9
Video Format MP4
Photo Resolution 12 Mpx
Photo Format JPG
Viewing Angle 150°
Memory (not included) Micro SD, class 10, max 64GB
Connectivity micro-USB, WiFi
Functions Loop recording, Motion detection, Parking mode, G-sensor, Time stamp, GPS stamp, Speed stamp, Driver name in video, Screen saver, Kph or mph settings, Automatic summer time, File protection, Autostart, Night mode, PC application with location display, Sound recording with mute
Battery Super kacapictor
Dimensions 69 x 45 x 34 mm

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